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CasperHolders Core

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The CasperHolders website use this library to handle any interaction with the CasperNetwork.

It contains a huge portion of the website logic.

Documentation : Link


Install dependencies

yarn install


yarn build

Generate documentation

yarn docs

Run tests

yarn test



npm install @casperholders/core


yarn add @casperholders/core


You can find some example of the lib in the tests folders.
However, keep in mind this is a utility lib.
You will have to implement some abstracts class in your project if needed like the KeyManager.


We don't test abstracts / results / errors classes because they don't own any logic.
We don't test the implementation of the CasperSigner because it requires full access to a browser test suite and the extension.
We assume the Casper Signer JS SDK is battle tested to interact with the Casper Signer extension